Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Seminary graduation

This picture is out of order and I can't seem to move it, so if you want the story behind the picture it is at the bottom of this post under "Boating"

On Sunday Travis graduated from seminary.  Hard to believe it's graduation time already.  We had a great time and enjoyed the meeting very much.  It was especially fun because Jamie also graduated.  Here are a few pictures of the blessed event!

Finally after 7 years of living in this house, I have window treatments in my bedroom.  I am so excited to have it done.  I think they are beautiful!!!

Yesterday we went boating at Black Canyon Resevoir with the Swensens.  It was a pretty interesting night.  To start off it took us about 30 min. to get the boat out of the garage!  It was in there pretty tight.  We finally get going and get to the lake and it was covered with tons of wood and junk from the spring run off so Kerry pretty much docked the boat and we got outand enjoyed the park instead.  We didn't want to ding a prop or hurt the boat right at the beginning of the season, that would stink.  We got home about 10:00 and pulled under the carport and suddenly heard this awful sound.  We forgot that the tower was still up on the boat!  This was not good.  We bent the tower and put a hole in the roof of the carport but it gets worse.  We could not get the boat out because the tower wold hit the beams if we moved it and there wasn't enough room to get the tower down because we needed more clearance to lift it up and off.  So the only way we could think to lower the boat was to take the air out of the tires.  It worked!!!  Kerry got the pole off and the tires blown up and all is well except for the nice hole in the carport.  You can thank Chelsea for the great picture.