Sunday, October 12, 2008

Trip to Alaska

This is us on a glacier cruise in Alaska.  
It was beautiful and so were these adorable little girls!

Inside the boat, where it was warm!


      This is Macy and Grandpa standing under a plane as it took off right over their heads.  

   Now an inside view of the plane.  Actually a different plane.


Kerry and I just returned from a great vacation in Hawaii!!!  It was great fun and very beautiful.  Here are a few pictures.  The first one is of Kerry and I and the Laney's at the temple visitors center.  The 2nd one is Just Kerry and I.  The third one is of Terri and a native Tongan.  The last one is of the cutest young man on the Island.  He is from Tahjiti!!!  I wanted to bring him home for Chelsea he was so cute.
Okay, Just to prove I can blog!

Brittany tagged me so here goes.

8 favorite TV Shows
1.   The Office
2.  The Office
3.  The Office
4.  The Office
5.  The Office
6.  The Office
7.  The Office  (It's the only show I really ever watch except for....)
8.  Tennis tournaments

8 Favorite Restaurants
1.  Costa Vida
2.  Cheesecake Factory
3.  Quiznos
4.  Chilis
5.  The Blue Moose in Eagle ID
6.  Red Lobster
7.  Smokey Mountain Pizza and Pasta
8.  Cool Hand Luke's in Eagle.....I only get to choose 8?

8 things that happened yesterday
I'm changing this to "this week"  cause it all ran together since I was on vacation in Hawaii!
1.  Went to the beach
2.  Saw some very hot men at the Polynesian Cultural Center(wait, can grandmas say "hot"?)
3.  Ate shaved ice with ice cream.
4.  Got a sunburn
5.  Went out to eat everyday!!!
6.  played card games
7.  Sat in a jaccuzzi
8.  Got a a call at 4:30 am from my daughter Chelsea who just totaled her new car.

8 things to look forward to
1.  Indoor tennis
2.  November, lots of birthdays in the family
3.  Christmas, everyone will be home!
4.  Seeing my grandkids again!  Hi! Owen, Macy, Kylie and Truly!
5.  The election being over
6.  More grandkids
7.  My next massage
8.  The election being over!

8 things I love about fall
1.  Picking apples off the tree
2.  Pretty leaves
3.  Cooler temperatures
4.  Wearing jeans again.
6.  New season of the Office
7.  School starting
8.  Lower electric bills.

8. things on my wish list
1.  My grandkids to live close by
2.  The economy to pick up
3.  Make a new friend
4.  No stress
5.  To lose some weight
6.  That the election was over
7.  To be a professional tennis player
8.  To have a happy healthy family.